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Texturizing & voluminizing

Description of the process

  • In the texturizing process, the glass yarns or strands are overfed into a nozzle in which a pressurized air stream creates turbulence that causes the formation of loops and imparts a moderate bulk.  Texturized products are produced by air jet texturizing of E-glass continuous filament.
  • In the voluminizing process, the glass yarns or strands run through the air nozzle without overfeeding, which creates a high bulk effect desired in various applications. The voluminized yarn can also be twisted, manufactured either single or plied.

Major Applications include

Texturized and voluminized products have various end uses because of their valuable characteristics, including aesthetics, fire resistance, dimensional stability and improved thermal insulation. The main applications are:

  • Construction: Wall covering fabrics, Curtains, veils, wall hangings, vertical blinds, Roofing 
  • Industrial applications: Thermal insulation, Gas filtration, Anticorrosion reinforcement 
  • Transportation: Clutch disc, brake linings