Fiberglass yarn is essential to produce electronic and electrical products due to its unique properties: low elongation, mechanical strength, thermal and electrical resistance.

  • Electronic and PCB (printed circuit board) industry

Fiberglass yarns are incorporated into various fabrics that are layered and impregnated with resins like epoxy, melamine, phenolic, and Teflon®. This resulting laminate serves as the backbone and substrate for the PCBs, providing essential electrical, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, dimensional stability, and dielectric properties. Vetrotex fiberglass yarns have been widely used in this industry for years, meeting the stringent requirements set by major weavers.

  • Electrical application

Fiberglass yarns are also used in electrical applications, where they are braided, knitted, or woven into sleeving and tubing products. These products are extensively used by motor and transformer manufacturers in diverse markets such as electrical, marine, defense, aerospace, electronics, and lighting. Fiberglass sleevings offer solutions for high and low temperatures/voltages, physically demanding applications, or hostile environments. Fiberglass banding tapes are unidirectional yarns that reinforce motor coils and transformers to withstand mechanical stress during operation.

As the demand for highly advanced electronic and electrical components grows, the future will require further advancements in fiberglass yarns, and Vetrotex is committed to meeting these challenges.

Electrical illustration
PCB Illustration