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Fiberglass yarns are used in construction applications because they add significant strength to various construction materials, enhancing their durability and structural integrity.

They are naturally fire-resistant and have dimensional stability, ensuring that the construction materials maintain their shape and dimensions over time. Lastly, fiberglass yarns are resistant to decay, making them ideal for long-lasting construction projects that need to withstand environmental factors.

Main applications included:

  • Mesh fabrics: Vetrotex fiberglass yarns are used for production of mesh fabrics. Because of its properties like high tensile strength, low elongation and alkali resistance mesh fabric is used for facade reinforcement and for prevention of creation of cracks on interior walls. Mesh fabrics are critical component of insulation systems.
  • Dry wall tapes: Self-adhesive tapes are used for increasing joint strength and for quick and easy drywall and repair solutions.
  • Wall covering: Fiberglass wall covering is used for finishing of walls, decoration, renovation of walls and ceilings and as a fire protection. It can be also painted.
  • Laid scrim: Scrim is a reinforcing fabric made from continuous filament yarn in an open mesh construction. The laid scrim manufacturing process chemically bonds non-woven yarns together, enhancing the scrim with unique characteristics. Scrims can be used for various usages and applications.
  • Flooring: Vetrotex fiberglass yarns are used for reinforcement of various floor coverings. The advantages are high tensile and puncture resistance for heavy traffic products and a dimensional stability for PVC, TPO and other materials.

*Vetrotex supplies to textile producers, who sell to this market.

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