Our commitment

Saint-Gobain's CSR pillars guide our actions to reduce the environmental, social, and societal impacts of our actions and solutions. Our CSR commitments are founded on the Principles of Conduct and Action, serving as our Code of Ethics. These principles apply universally across all our plants, employees, subcontractors, and suppliers.

These commitments are at the heart of our DNA and can be divided several pillars: 

Business Ethics

Ethical practices with employees: Guided by our purpose 'Making the World a Better Home,' we follow nine Principles of Conduct and Action—a universal code of ethics since 2003, distributed to all employees. These principles are a condition to belonging to the Group.To ensure that our employees adhere to our ethical code, we have set up an e-learning training program, which 100% of new arrivals must follow during the first 6 months of their employment.

Respect for human rights:Through the Principles of Conduct and Action, we are committed to respecting employees' freedom of association and the right to organize, to working towards diversity and against forced labor, child labor, discrimination and harassment.

A demanding compliance program:Our compliance program is based on three main themes (competition law rules; prevention of corruption; compliance with economic sanctions & embargoes). Continuously adapting to prevailing circumstances, it empowers us to uphold optimal methods and remains an ongoing commitment for every member of our staff.

Employee Engagement

At Vetrotex, we rely on a strong corporate culture that builds employee loyalty and attracts talents. Our culture of Trust, Empowerment, and Collaboration (TEC) forms the foundation of our organization. 

We create a motivating and engaging work environment for all our employees, to give more space to the entrepreneurial spirit and place managerial attitude and involvement at the heart of our approach. 

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Diversity And Inclusion

At Vetrotex, we encourage inclusion and promote diversity in all its forms: gender, nationalities, training, career paths, generational diversity, disabilities, ethnic and social origins, wherever we are present. We're fully committed to zero tolerance for discrimination and to actively promoting diversity in various aspects.

Well-Being At Work

Our group place fundamental importance on both the physical and mental health of our employees. A dedicated program MWB (The Mental WellBeing) program is rolled out to all Group managers and is based on 6 actions of areas:  management practices, change management, interpersonal environment, physical working environment, work-life balance, and personal well-being skills

Health And Safety

Health and safety across our entire value chain are at the heart of our corporate culture to protect all our employees, temporary workers, contractors, customers, partners, neighbors around our sites, and suppliers, beyond applicable local legislation when necessary.

We also encourage everyone to participate in their own health and safety, as well as the safety of all their colleagues.

A new version of the EHS Reference Framework was made available in 2020 and describes the EHS management system to be put in place to achieve the EHS objectives and achieve an autonomous and interdependent EHS culture.

“Our objective is clear: zero work-related illnesses and zero accidents” Claire Pedini, Saint-Gobain Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility