Vetrotex has manufactured high quality yarns for the Leisure markets for many years.  

Our yarns can be found in Hockey Sticks, Snow Skis, Snowboards, Skateboards, water skis, wakeboards, Paddle Boards, baseball bats and various Marine applications.  Our Resin compatible yarns impart superior Tensile and Flexural Strength. 

Our Resin Compatible yarns work well with a variety of resin systems and impart superior characteristics in the final components.  

In addition to the multiple areas previously mentioned for these yarns, they have also been used in various boat components, Hullboard reinforcements, Marine Tooling and Mold Release Liners.  Various companies can provide Repair solutions with fiberglass Tapes, Patch repair and Edge Trim kits.   

We welcome you to try our Twisted Yarn (TD37C and TD44C Binder), our ZeroTwist® (TD44C Binder) and our low tex Direct Roving (TD44C binder) offerings, we are certain you will be pleased with the performance of these products

*Vetrotex supplies to textile producers, who sell to this market.

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Skateboard illustration
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