For many years, aerospace applications have relied on E-Glass laminates due to their exceptional tensile strength and compressive strength properties. This trend began with the Boeing 707 in the 1950s.

In modern airplanes, composite materials account for approximately 50% of the total weight. While aerospace products utilize various composite matrices, E-Glass remains a popular choice for reinforcement. Vetrotex E-Glass reinforced composites are extensively used in the production of laminates for a wide range of cabin interior parts, including flooring, closets, seating, air ducts, cargo liners, helicopter blades and insulation applications.

Due to their robust design characteristics, E-Glass laminates will continue to play a significant role in the aerospace market. Engineers are constantly striving to reduce weight (achieving up to 20% weight reduction compared to aluminum), enhance fuel efficiency, and increase the range of their aircraft offerings.

*Vetrotex supplies to textile producers, who sell to this market

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