Hybrid Glass / Polypropylene Hybrid Glass / Polyamide Glass Roving Solutions

Vetrotex hybrid yarns are made of commingled strands of glass and polypropylene (PP) or Polyamide (PA) filaments being suitable for various textile technologies.

Product Range

Product Information
fibre volume fraction
30 to 50
Glass type
Final Count
Tex (g/km)
95 to 500
5221 to 992
Glass Fibre diameter
9 to 14
Thermoplastic resin
PP, PA6, PA66
Resin color
White or Black

Hybrid Yarn Advantages

  • Dry & Core pre-impregnation
  • Compatibility with organic matrix
  • Superior mechanical performances
  • Electrical insulation
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • 3X higher specific resistance than steel

Main Properties

  • Excellent compatibility between the glass and the thermoplastic filaments thanks to specific sizing.
  • Good warping and weaving properties in both warp (machine) and fill (crosswise) direction. 
  • Very good surface coverage due to texturized strand shape.
  • Core integration of the thermoplastic matrix within the glass reinforcement thread.

Value Proposition

  • Enable production of lightweight & thin prepreg fabrics & laminates.
  • Superior dry prepreg drapability for complex structure geometry.
  • Quick & easy wet out of the thermoplastic resin during heating step.
  • Reduced thermal cycle process steps & time for laminate production.
  • Improved fibre/matrix adhesion leading to higher laminate performance.

Packaging Information

  • 80 bobbins per pallet
  • Nominal weight per pallet: 500 to 800 kg (lbs)
  • Nominal bobbin weight: 6 to 9 kg

Nominal Bobbin Dimensions

  • Inside 80 mm (3,15”)
  • Outside 245 mm (9,65”)
  • Height 280 mm (11,02”)