Published November 15, 2022
Article 5B - Zero waste project
Article 5B – Zero waste project

Aiming the zero waste: we can do it!

To reach the commitment of the group, to archieve Zero carbo emission by 2050, the actions  are numerous, the possibilities endless! The group’s recycling objectives are clear and the proof is in this edition, which looks to the brilliant steps we have taken thanks to our waste recycling project at Hodonice & Litomysl plants in Czech Republic. Focus on this interesting initiative!

The “zero waste project”, a campaign launched in 2020, collected 91 proposal from enployees, to move towards a zero waste future.

It is 2022 and the initiative introduced and managed  by our experts at all level of the group ( in the plants and at the central level),  is one of the many that helps Vetrotex to move forward the carbon neutrality: In order to recover its internal waste, Vetrotex wants to increase the pourcentage of cullets used in the manufacturing processes for current and new products. 

By today, two promising results have been archieved, which are the rises of the recycled rate in our furnaces, at Hodonice & Litomysl plants. We are pushing the pushing the boundaries of the recycling of our ovens, with increases of 5% in our Hodonice oven and even more in Litomysl ovens.                 

« We now secured the complete recycling our internal fiber wastes in our furnaces in Europe. The +5% successful recycling tests made on 2 furnaces recently is opening the door to the next journey, which is to swallow additionally the downstream fiber wastes & customers’ wastes” explained Frédéric Bordeaux, Adfors Industrial Director. “This will allow further energy consumption and CO2 emissions decreases, which is an important step toward our carbon neutrality by 2050”.