Published May 15, 2023
Article 6B - Malinche team
Article 6B- Malinche Team


What could be better than climbing 4,446 meters to the top of the dormant Malinche volcano (Mexico), which offers you breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, to go further and stick together! This is what our Vetrotex team experienced!

The start of the Malinche climbing trail is located in the La Malinche National Park, which covers an area of 46,800 hectares. The park is known for its pine and oak forests, as well as its diverse flora and fauna, including a variety of birds and mammals such as coyotes and rabbits.

Malinche's ascent lasted several hours which allowed all the participants to strengthen the team spirit, and the complicity, already very present within the group.

A challenging and rewarding climb that offered to our Vetrotex team an unforgettable experience! 

Read Pavel Vraspir, Vetrotex R&D Director!

"We initially organized our trip for only a few people, but eventually decided to invite all colleagues who wanted to join us for the extra challenge. In the end, there were 18 of us with similar ambitions, all resolved to climb as high as possible.

I was impressed by how many colleagues joined and how carefully the trip was organized. We used walkie-talkies to stay in contact among several groups, anticipating splitting up based on physical shape. I also appreciated the opportunity to speak with colleagues from departments I don't normally interact with. We talked about "life" and got to know each other better, rather than discussing our daily work.

The trip was challenging due to the 1234m elevation difference from the parking lot to the top, as well as the high altitude of the summit at 4446m. I could see exhaustion on many faces at the top, and some of us even considered giving up. At one point, when I reached 4200m, I thought about turning back, but thanks to the encouragement of others, I continued and succeeded in reaching the top. 

All of us who overcame the 4000m mark and reached the summit did so with the support of each other. It was motivating for me to see those around me struggling, but not giving up. 

Another important point is the shared experience outside of our daily work tasks. We were able to do something together that was challenging for everyone, and this helped to build trust. For me, it was an excellent trip: I reached the summit of my dream, Malinche, in the company of nice and encouraging colleagues! I am proud to have been a part of this experience!"