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Vetrotex Yarns

To form glass fiber yarns, a predetermined number of E-glass filaments of a defined nominal diameter are brought together, then fixed and protected by a size and a slight twist.

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The structure of the yarn is fixed and protected by a size and a slight twist, generally in Z-direction. The glass filament yarns are wound on plastic bobbins and supplied as “milk bottle” packages and/or “double taper” packages. Vetrotex glass yarns can be also supplied on beams.

Glass Yarn product family  Single Yarn

Products Available


Starch/silane/oil-based sizing systems. Due to their special composition, all glass filament yarns have high tensile strength.


Starch/oil-based sizing system. T8 sized yarns meet the most stringent quality requirements of the printed circuit board industry.


Starch/oil-based sizing system, specially developed for high speed air jet weaving and applications for which heat cleaning properties are required.


Starch-free plastic sizing systems contain silane bonding agents, guaranteeing excellent compatibility with different resin systems (epoxy, phenol and unsaturated polyester).


Special sizing system developed to provide excellent compatibility with PVC plastisols.


T18 sizing provides yarn with the optimum protection required for the texturizing process. The sizing imparts the yarn with high tensile strength.