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Aerospace Market

E-glass laminates, because of their superior tensile strength and compressive strength qualities, have been used in aerospace applications for many years, starting with the Boeing 707 in the 1950s.

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As much as 50% of the weight of modern airplanes may be constructed of composites. Although a variety of composite matrices can be found throughout aerospace products, E-glass continues to be one of the most widely used reinforcements. Laminates made from Vetrotex E-glass reinforced composites can be found in flooring, closets, seating, air ducts, cargo liners, insulating applications and various other cabin interior parts.

E-glass laminates, with their robust design characteristics, will continue to play a large role in this market as engineers push to reduce weight (up to 20% over aluminum), improve fuel economy and increase the flying range of their market offerings.